Greetings fans of Moonpig!

We are back again to bring you our favorite greeting card range of the week and this week it will be none other than our popular ‘Keep Calm’ range.

Some Examples of our Fabulous Keep Calm Cards!

Maybe you’ve seen the popular catch phrase ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ printed on a traditional red background with capitalized white letters like in the photograph above. While this phrase continues to be iconic and has become a very common motif in the modern age especially after the world has come to find itself in a compromised economy, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ was originally brought about by the British Government in 1939 in a campaign to keep up the morale of UK citizens during World War II.

The Original War Time Poster which has inspired our card range

Now, however, this phrase has been brought back with fury in the UK and its influence has spread far across the world with many spoof catch phrases coming about in the same style.

Here at Moonpig, we loved the simplicity owned by the Keep Calm design and motif and couldn’t resist the idea of allowing our amazing customers the chance to create their own unique greeting cards that play off of this design.

As you can see in the banner above, these greeting cards can make great birthday cards with sayings like ‘Keep Calm, you’re only 30’ or ‘Keep Calm and Keep Calm and Party On’!

To show you how you can personalize one of these greeting cards, let’s use the Keep Calm card we made for Thanksgiving that says ‘Brian, Keep Calm and Get Stuffed’. If you wanted to personalize this greeting card, you could insert the name of the person you’d like to send it to. For instance, if you wanted to get one for your Aunt who was hosting a Thanksgiving meal, you could change the name from Brian to Aunty Sue… or whoever you like! See the images below to illustrate:

Another thing to mention is that for age cards like the one below which reads ‘Jeremy Keep Calm You’re Only 18’, you could change the name and age on this card. So, if it happens to be your friend Sara’s 25th birthday, problem solved! Just simply use our customization tools and Sara’s birthday card is taken care of! Brilliant!

As you can see already, there are many things you can do with our Keep Calm range of greeting cards, so whether you’re looking for an excuse to send a thinking of you card or looking for birthday cards with a fresh clean and lovely design, the Keep Calm greeting card range is simply the one you ought to be after!

Remember that if you have any greeting card ranges you’d like us to highlight, we’d love to hear from you and will be happy to do so. If you do find a range of the week that we decide to select, we will let you know and reward you with a $4.50 credit to get a free card and postage from the site!

Stay well everyone and remember to be fabulous!

Love from your Moonpigs